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Real Estate Law

MMitliagkas law is a firm with over 10 years of experience in the Real Estate practice, assisting with domestic and cross-border property transactions, real estate financing, construction projects, in a vast array of industry sectors. Our experience encompasses various types of real estate projects in all stages of development, such as residential and commercial buildings, multifamily housing, shopping centers, industrial buildings, by-the-sea resorts and so on.

We offer clients tailored solutions covering the entire life cycle of the real estate project, from due diligence, negotiating and drafting transaction documents, project finance to exit strategies or day-to-day project management. To achieve our goal, we work in close cooperation with real estate brokers, notaries, accountants and financial advisers.

Our law firm has a strong practice in terms of representing both owners and lenders in complex real estate workouts, bankruptcy matters, office, residential and commercial transactions including those that are structured through joint ventures between landowners and developers, shareholder agreements, asset and portfolio acquisitions, property agreements, joint venture investments, development and airbnb projects.

We facilitate our clients with their immigrant investor programs, designed to attract foreign capital and businesspeople by providing the right of residence and citizenship in return; are also known as citizenship by investment, golden visa, or golden passport programs.

The real estate sector is thriving in Greece. In the past decades, the purchase of urban and commercial real estate was primarily a means of investing and securing money. In recent years the large decline in the value of real estate properties has now made it a pole of attraction for investors from all over the world. For the safety of both the buyer and the seller, the purchase of a property must be accompanied by a series of actions such as negotiating, the drafting of contracts and checking the status of the property (debts, the town planning scheme, legal restrictions from environmental commitments, forests, archaeological sites, coasts and beaches, listed buildings etc).

Another issue that continues to occupy the real estate sector is the handling of issues related to the National Cadastre and Mapping Agency, which has not yet been completed in all regions of Greece. Within the framework of the National Cadastre, a number of issues arise such as declarations, objections on interim cadastral tables, registration and correction of cadastral records, manifest errors, which require immediate and accurate handling.

As far as leases (urban-commercial) and leasing contracts are concerned, including among other, all the arrangements, the terms, the conditions and the consequences of both their conclusion and their termination, there is a significant interest attributed to the sector of “Short-term Leases” in the context of “Sharing Economy”, which is growing rapidly in Greece, since it is a global travel destination, through the various digital platforms such as Airbnb. Last but not least, the taxation of real estate, especially due to frequent changes in the tax regime, is still an issue that has been addressed in recent years.

We offer legal advice on any related acquisition, leasing or financing transaction, legal regulatory advice with real estate compliance and financing related issues such as secured lending transactions (negotiating and drafting the lease documentation), advice on bankruptcy strategies in all stages of the process, secured lending, portfolio loan acquisitions, mortgage securities, to name a few.

We work closely with our clients in order to craft proper legal solutions according to their business objectives, striving to understand their industries, operations and goals. We support our clients with our legal know-how, competency and reliability throughout the process of adopting and implementing the most effective solutions and sophisticated strategies, with the sole purpose of protecting their interests.

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